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Movers Packing

Residential Moves

Relocate to your new home with ease.
  • 2 Movers $129 Per Hour
  • 3 Movers $174 Per Hour
  • 4 Movers $234 Per Hour
  • Mileage Fee Applies
  • Includes Moving Truck (18’ft – 26’ft)
  • ALL Inclusive NO Hidden Fees
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Packing Services
  • FREE Shrink wrap and Tape
  • *Boxes and Bubble wrap is Extra*
Commercial Moving Services Near Me

Commercial Moves

Transfer offices in no time.
  • Individual Office, Commercial Space, Warehouse
  • FREE Onsite Estimates Available
  • Professional Packing
  • Installation Services (cubicles, office furniture, etc.)
  • Logistics & Planning
  • Electronic Equipment and Server Rooms
  • Weekend Hours Available
  • Insurance Coverage and Certificates Available
Long Distance Moving Services Near Me

Long Distance Moves

Move from city to city without headaches.
  • All Inclusive Flat Rates
  • Dedicated Foreman for Entire Move
  • To / From Los Angeles & Orange County
  • Serving Areas in and around:
  • Bay Area / San Francisco
  • Sacramento / Las Vegas / Phoenix
  • San Diego / Palm Springs and More …

Our Esteemed Moving Company Helps You Move Across The Town With Ease In San Clemente, CA

These days moving to a new city is common. Many people relocate to different locations for the sake of their jobs. Moving your items is time-consuming and physically challenging in Orange County.

Moving should be secure & the items should be delivered on time. It is always preferable to hire a reputable and professional moving company in San Clemente, CA that can efficiently handle all your moving needs.

Man With A Truck Moving Company understands that all your belongings are valuable & you cannot afford to have a single scratch on them. We use high-quality packing materials and specially designed trucks to ensure your goods arrive unscratched and undamaged.

Man With A Truck Moving Company has several years of experience in the moving industry as a provider of long-distance, local, and home moves, and we have incredible partnerships worldwide.

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Advantages of Hiring Moving Company In San Clemente, CA

We can plan your entire move and provide a full range of resources to help you prepare for the moving process. We make your moving day stress-free. Here are some advantages of working with our professional moving company in San Clemente, CA.

1) Saves Time

It takes time for someone to perform the moving process on their own. Packing and labeling objects and storing them in the vehicle require significant time.

We have professional movers in Orange County as we are experts in the field who are familiar with the best techniques & strategies. We complete all procedures such as packing, labeling, loading, and so on. This is a benefit when hiring our professional movers.

2) Cost-Effective 

You require numerous items like bubble wrap corrugated boxes, foams, tapes, bags, etc. If someone is handling the shifting process themselves, they borrow a truck or van to store the items. If professional movers do this entire process, the final payment will be less than the expenses one would pay if done independently.

3) Expert Guidance

Professional movers from Man With A Truck Moving Company in San Clemente, CA, have years of experience and are well-versed in the relocation process. We assist you in various ways during your moving as we have extensive experience in moving services.

4) Protection Of Your Belongings

If you load the items yourself, the probability of them getting damaged during transport increases. Some items might get damaged during the journey as they were not properly packed in boxes. Professional moving services in Orange County have extensive experience and use the proper method for packing and loading items.

5) No Packing Anxiety

The packing process is aggravating because one must stuff items into boxes that don’t break during the journey, which is very stressful. Placing the boxes with bubble wrap to make them airtight is time-consuming and stressful.

One must keep track of the vehicle to keep things running smoothly. Hiring our local movers will reduce stress, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Long Distance Relocation

Why Should You Go With Us While Hiring A Moving Company?

1) Spend Less Money

Our professional moving and storage services team understands that moving can be costly, so we work hard to provide you with the best possible experience at an affordable price.

2) Flexible & Inexpensive

Is there an emergency that might lead you to move sooner or later? No worries! Call us, and we’ll ensure your move goes smoothly without a hitch.

3) Enjoy Excellent Service

No move is complex for our local movers. We love our work and will do everything possible to make your experience delightful.

Choose Man With A Truck Moving Company For All Your Moving Needs!

Our professionally trained movers at Man With A Truck Moving Company are background-checked and drug tested, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are safe throughout the process.

Our team of cheap movers has experience in almost every moving situation, from home moves to apartments, condos, townhouses, and high-rise buildings. Are you worried about your moving plans? Allow our customer service representatives to walk you through the various options for moving and storage services. Call us at 800-486-0190 right away.

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